6 Least Racist Countries in Europe


by DEJAN KVRGIC | InsiderMonkey

We welcome you to our new list: the 6 least racist countries in Europe. Countries with great atmospheres, positive and open-minded people who don’t mind which color your skin is, what is your religion, and who you are. Free spirit, and welcoming states where you’ll feel like home, no matter if you’re simply visiting or you came to settle in the country.

Recently we wrote about the most racist countries in Europe, and showcased something interesting for you; there are some countries you didn’t expect to see on the list. In the positive spirit and welcoming attitude, we believe there is time for improvement. The human race, as a whole, must progress forward and improve, and there should be no place for racism in our society. Today we show you the 6 least racist countries in Europe, which have embraced the idea of community and diversity with their hospitality and free mind; these countries provide us with an example that we all should follow.

6. Finland

Picturesque country in the Finnish gulf is #6 on our list. The capital, Helsinki is inhabited by 1.4 million people, and its race diversity is pretty high. There are over 25 different nationalities calling Finland home at the moment, with Russians, Swedish people, and Estonians the most. Around 320,000 people of different nationality lives in Finland. There are around 10,000 people from Somalia living and working here, having normal lives without any discrimination problems. Same number of Iraqi people, and Asians can say the same.

5. Belgium

Kingdom of Belgium is the next least racist country in Europe, standing pretty close to the place #4. Brussels, the capital region, houses around 1.8 million people. As a center of the European Union, Brussels is a leading example of diversity, tolerance, and prosperity. Around 2.5 million people in Belgium is foreign, roughly 25% of the total population. People live friendly in Belgium with race diversity; most of the foreigners are from Morocco, Turkey, and DR Congo. Nationality law, established in 1984 gave the possibility to the migrants to acquire Belgian citizenship; since that year almost 1.3 million people acquired it. Around 500,000 Moroccans call Belgium their home.


4. Sweden

Scandinavian Peninsula is a desirable place for foreigners and people of different racial groups – Sweden is another country with least racism in Europe, earning #4 on our list. About 9,8 million people call Sweden their home. Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy, with the Monarch as a head of the state. Stockholm, the capital, houses around 2 million people in its metropolitan area. Sweden is a home to 1,9 million foreigners or Sweden born with a foreign background. People from Former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Poland and Iran live in Sweden in the ethnically diverse community, without boundaries, restrictions or any racism-related problems.


3. Norway

Another Scandinavian country as proof that this part of the world is most developed when it comes to racial mixture opinions. There are no problems with people of different skin color, ethnic or religious differences here, and people live in harmony.  Norway has around 5.2 million people, with capital Oslo housing around 500,000. Immigrants take around 14% of the population, consisting of Americans, Australians, Moroccans, Iraqi people, people from Somalia, Pakistanis and Iran people. Ethnic diversity is strong here, especially in dense populated communities. High standards and good wages allure people to migrate to Norway, as well as the high level of ethical behavior and racial empathy.

2. Denmark

The most southern country in Scandinavian Peninsula, the Kingdom of Denmark contains two autonomous constituent countries as well: Faroe Islands, and Greenland. 5,6 million inhabitants live in prosperity in the territory. Copenhagen is the capital, where near 1,200,000 people live and work. Over 13% of the total population in Denmark are immigrants or have a foreign background; consisting of people from Turkey, Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Asia, and Middle East. High level of racial diversity and mutual respect between different ethnic groups have put Denmark on the 2nd place on our list of least racist countries in Europe.

1. Netherlands

Our #1 on the list is famous for the most freedom and diversity in Europe. Netherlands is found in the place between Germany and Belgium, and it is known for beautiful green flat grounds, nearly above the sea level (where its name actually came from), endless tulip fields, and windmills. Amsterdam, the country’s capital and Dutch icon, showcases multiracial, multicultural community at its finest. Over 17 million people live in Netherlands, and 19% of them are foreigners. Amsterdam is a city of free mind and spirit. All the nationalities of the world can be found in Amsterdam, and community works flawlessly just because of the ethnic and racial bonds developed by the people of Netherlands, making this country the best place for foreigners; thus earning the best spot on our list of least racist countries in Europe.


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