The Largest Native American Protest In HISTORY Is Happening Right Now And YOU Need To Know About It!

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  1. Stacey says:

    This should not be allowed to happen! We as a human race should be investing in safer, greener, renewable resources!
    It needs to be more about what’s right, for these native people whom most of which had their land stolen way back, and right for our planet. Everyone knows these big companies aren’t interested in fairness/justice and the little people it effects, all they care about is profit!
    Hope this judge makes the morally correct ruling.

  2. Sonia says:

    May the force be with you. Sending my love and prayers from New Zealand. Power to the people!

  3. T. says:

    Must stop it period. No DPL,nada. Enough is enough already. Respect is called for now!

  4. Shiela says:

    How about plant HEMP instead of buding more pipelines? Enough with the greed already!

  5. Jill says:

    If only every one followed the principal taught to me by a Cherokee woman. That we must act as though we are caring for our planet so it is still whole and healthy in seven generation time.

  6. Two Bears says:

    If it does get to be built the fine for every drop of oil that touches the ground should carry a 1 million dollar price tag on each drop as a fine for disrupting the natural landscape and making their promises worthless once again.

  7. Edward says:

    It’s really time to take back what is rightfully yours native America, I’m proud of way y’all are going about this protest, it’s a shame the way the government is keeping this important issue to all people buried, we should all be very worried about the way special interest is at work here.

  8. Jennifer Flicker says:

    Is there anyway a petition could be made to put a stop to this? I would gladly sign it and share it with many others who would do the same! Maybe if enough signatures are gathered before the court date on 9/9, it could be presented to the judge so he can see how many people are against this.

  9. Janet says:

    This is way beyond disgusting g why is it the Native American people are abused in this way….the government should be shamed of themselves ……..I pray that that judge is a fair and honest man…..these company’s pay off sooooo many people so,they can do whatever they please not caring about this earth or our brothers just about the almighty dollar….I wish I could help……

  10. Sue says:

    This goes beyond the legitimate concerns of the Native Americans. This affects all of us. We have to find energy methods that don’t create a wide swath of destruction in their wake. We have one planet and if it is wasted, what happens to all living things upon it?

  11. Redleaf says:

    This Bakken Pipeline project needs to be detoured or shut down, which will probably not happen since they are almost halfway to completing it. This is a tragedy for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and anybody living in the areas that will be impacted by this terrible rape of the land.

  12. SAlly says:

    When do we stoop this raping of our planet. Why when there are other alternatives do we not use them. My meditations will be that the judge will not allow this.

  13. derekbrunner says:

    this is allmost as bad as when white man sent us on the trails of tears and also like when white man killed of most of the population with there sicknes

  14. Crystal Bowne says:

    Time to step outta the shed folks. In our near-future we have no use for dinosaur fossil fuels. The stock and shareholders had a really good run controlling the industry and becoming incredibly, almost disgustingly wealthy in the process. Now, our earth collapses, convulses, throws fits of rage and you want to continue this unnatural manipulations so she may vomit her resources and line more pockets with cash. Obviously greed makes people stop using common sense and logic. Stop being greedy. Stop fracking and manipulating the weather. Stop spraying our crops with poison. We don’t ask you for wealth. We ask you for the very basics. Please stop poisoning our air, food, and especially water.
    These pipelines have all the money in the world when comes to building and booming future revenue. But they all leak. There’s never money for repairs and preventative maintenance. Many leak radioactive sludge. Really guys? This should be a no brainer.

  15. Everyone needs to share this and make it stand out before Sept. 9th so there is accountability. Once it’s done, it’s so much harder to undo. Hashtag all posts and messages with #WeStandWithLakota #NoBakkenPipeline #JudgeBoasbergSayNo @JamesEBoasberg

  16. Lee Ann Medina says:

    Why are we still even drilling and creating these pipelines to begin with? We are creating alternatives, we need to start funding those. We are setting up the lands to be contaminated much less the animals and people should they fail, and we have seen what failure looks like.
    This is a disaster waiting to happen. It needs to be halted just like Keystone. I say NO! No more, time for alternative sources that keep our lands as well as animals and people safe.

  17. Gary takala says:

    I stand with my native brothers and sisters against corporate greed. Corporate owned news won’t cover this as it is in conflict with their interests. Please remember, all life matters when our environment is thoughtlessly disregarded. A trend that must be stopped, now!

  18. Kim Hildreth says:

    This hurts so much that this even had to be an issue,no respect for the natives ever! I pray the judge is an honest man with a clear understanding of the risk the pipeline will cause,and rule against it.. Instead of later when something goes wrong wishing they would of listened….I wish I could go join my people in this fight against the pipeline.I will continue to pray…

  19. Burton Tschache says:

    This illegal activity by the Corporatacracy of USA, Inc. is just another in the attempt to break treaties and tribal sovereignty. Another, less publicized activity, is Dollar General v. the Mississippi Choctaws.

  20. Brian Alvarez says:

    Oil Oil Oil since it was found its has a been a big problem. But at what Cost. How many more lives will it take not just Human our Sea life our Animals don’t forget Mother Earth. Some people just don’t get it why $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  21. Karen Foley says:

    The earth is sacred. Let’s UNITE in keeping it clean.

  22. They need to leave it alone. Of course it going to be said that there will be no harm to the land or water. Big money talks and always have. Stay true to the cause my friends. Can’t let this happen. More whites and others need to stand beside our native brothers and help them win this. To much has been ruined with this fracking business.

  23. David says:

    Necessary and reliable, we need the crude; and I don’t believe there is a safer way to transport it than by pipeline. The oil will be sold, whether processed by us, or sent through Canada and sold to others.

  24. Cat says:

    Of course it’s safe! You guys should learn more about it… What? Oil spills from every other pipeline? Nah, those were those other guys who didn’t know what they were doing – WE are doing it right based on the latest government guidelines. Uh sorry? You say those guidelines are 10-20 years old? Well, it’s the government – you can trust the government to do the right thing for everyone 🙂 What treaties and promises are you talking about? Oh, those from the government… Uh, well, that’s between you and the feds – got nothing to do with us. Of course we can guarantee to cover clean-up costs and stuff, IF anything happens, ’cause it won’t. Anyway, it’s in our budget 🙂 Nah, you can’t trust those eco freaks’ information – our budget is realistic and there will be no overrun, and unlike those other guys, we won’t stall 5 to 10 years through the courts to recoup our cost overruns and cost taxpayers millions of dollars while the oil seeps into your agricultural and sacred lands, and poisons the aquifers and wildlife. No no no, our corporate and foreign shareholders are not greedy capitalists – we’re doing this for the good of the nation’s economy, and it will bring jobs and opportunities to your community! Hey, we can bring fast food and Wal*Mart and beer outlets – everything you need! Ok, no more questions… no comment.

  25. Janice E. Mitich says:

    Standing Rock Sioux Fight for Us All

    They are standing.
    They are standing.
    At Sacred Stones Camp
    They are standing.

    They are standing.
    They are standing.
    The Standing Rock Sioux Nation
    Are standing for us all.

    They are praying.
    They are praying.
    To the beat of drums
    They are praying.

    They are riding.
    They are riding.
    Spirit Horses to stop the madness.
    They are riding.

    They are fighting.
    They are fighting.
    The Wasicu* black snake
    As it slithers across sacred land
    And tunnels under the Missouri River
    To wait in quiet coils until it strikes.
    Black Death and Destruction seeps from steel fangs
    To poison water and Mother Earth
    While big oil seeks profits at all costs.
    They are fighting.
    They are fighting.

    They are standing.
    They are standing.
    With hands bound and heads held high
    They are standing.

    The camp is growing.
    The camp is growing.
    More Nations and People are gathering.
    The Camp is growing.

    It’s time for gathering.
    It’s time for gathering.
    Women, children, men, the elders
    Warriors, all, are gathering.

    It’s time for standing.
    It’s time for standing.
    It’s time to protect Mother Earth.
    It’s time for standing.
    © August 18, 2016 by Janice E. Mitich
    Picture Rock, AZ.

  26. Rikki says:

    Please sign and share this petition to stop the DAPL
    Thank you
    Here’s the URL link:.

  27. Sherron Wendt says:

    This timely piece needs to be posted many many times on Facebook and other media sites to raise awareness. Yes,there needs to be a petition to sign supporting the Native American stance on the issue..all true facts need to be stated openly,snd concerns as well!!!
    We have only ONE Mother Earth regardless of our color,creed ir religion….after years of abuse of it,there needs to be all means implemented to save and preserve it. We all have children and grandchildren who deserve to experience earth’s beauty and gift as given by Creator God. The poem in a previous comment by Janice Mitch says it all…beautifully stated,yet sadly true!! Thank you.

  28. Sherron Wendt says:

    This timely piece needs to be posted many many times on Facebook and other media sites to raise awareness. Yes,there needs to be a petition to sign supporting the Native American stance on the issue..all true facts and concerns need to be stated openly!!!
    We have only ONE Mother Earth regardless of our color,creed or religion….after years of abuse of it,there needs to be all means implemented to save and preserve it. We all have children and grandchildren who deserve to experience earth’s beauty and gift as given by Creator God. The poem in a previous comment by Janice Mitch says it all…beautifully stated,yet sadly true!! Thank you.

  29. Leita Hughes says:

    It is beyond time to take a stand. Haven’t we brutalized our Indigenous People, enough??????;
    not to mention what we are doing to the land and natural resources… Sacred or otherwise. Have we no conscience??? What message are we sending our children? Oh yes, please continue to trust the big oil companies, even after all of the greed and lies and obscene profits!!!!!!

  30. Andrea Diamond says:

    This outrage has to stop! Everywhere I turn I see communities fighting these pipelines. Over an over and over again. Some claim the process is proven to be good. Just ask those people in Pennsylvania, and North Dakota and Oklahoma. Clean water sources ruined, property destroyed, a minor earthquake or 10. Could this really be the result of a frenzy of untested processes and money hungry fools? Yes, yes and yes. We all should stand together and stop this wherever land and water and animals and people are being threatened (to put it mildly). What is the definitio. Of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

  31. Autumn Skye says:

    “When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.” Cree Prophecy?

  32. Where is the petition to STOP this?!? The government nor big business corporate officials cannot and will not MAKE SURE our nations land and water will not be contaminated. This is MORALLY wrong on so many levels. I stand here (in Florida) against this ‘business’ venture. Barrel the oil where it’s pumped and ship the barrels where they need to go!

  33. Marcella Martin says:

    Stop the pipeline. The pipeline from oil is not even question of should we…There is no reason to demolish and possible cause contamination on the Indian lands. I have cherokee running through my veins plus white man blood. But when it come to even anything against the Indians place of living, it is totally up to the tripe. We the white man gave them land that was truly already theirs in the beginning. So I am against anything that will possibly harm them at all. STOP THE PIPELINES!

  34. Chase says:

    I, a white man, support the Native Americans 100%. If they don’t want the line ran then it shouldn’t be ran. This shouldn’t even have to go to court.

  35. Lorin says:

    I have tweeted till I have turned blue. Why is there such a black out on what is happening? Why is every news media afraid to touch this. It makes no sense to me.

  36. Maria Lobenthal says:

    The Native American Indians are the true oppressed in this country, no one else! Is it not enough that they were put in reservations? Now this?! Leave them alone, savages!

  37. Nancy says:

    I don’t believe any of it…Indians aren’t liberal cry babies

  38. Sheilah says:

    Leave the lands alone. No one needs more oil. We the Native Americans have wronged long enough.We love here too damn it. Where’s Obama when you need him…..?

  39. Couple that pipeline with a fake terrorist attack and goodbye Midwest…

  40. Kevin says:

    So they’re 49% into it. Boo Hoo! STOP IT NOW! they didn’t have MY permission to begin with. If corporations are people, then that means that they should be held accountable for their misdeeds! This makes me so mad I could just SPIT! I hate this corporatocracy that WE are all being subjected to!

  41. Gary says:

    Left unstated is the fact that a pipeline like this is safer and less environmentally harmful than the thousands of fuel trucks transporting oil the pipeline replaced.

  42. Michael Bond says:

    A big demo, but definitely not ”the largest Native American protest in history” (sic) That would be the Ghost Dance of 1890. Mind you, there were quite a few more Native Americans around in those days than there are now.

  43. Keith says:

    Build the pipline

  44. RL JG says:

    I don’t understand how this is happening. First, let it be known that if there are court proceedings and/or meetings held up front of these projects, everyone needs to be represented. Waiting until the 11th hour is very dangerous. I am in total support of the Indigenous Nation standing up for everyone here and for everyone else who stands in support with them. While I cannot be there physically, I will add to social media and write to legislators in support. Why is anyone allowing any industry to dump into waterways? Why is the oil being piped overland and underland? I suppose most of us would rather see it trucked as it has been in the past. Or sent over the rails since they are in place. And one more question, why should some company be allowed rights and no one else profits from it? So first things first. On with the current stand.

  45. Joke says:

    Contact AVAAZ for thousands of signatures of people around the world to stop this wild idea. Start a petition!!!

  46. This gathering is my silver thread of hope. We need it to hold strong. Help anyway you can.

    The architecture of my face
    Cannot lie.
    Elevated bones of my great grandmother
    Arch of our spirit
    by centuries of tears
    at a silver thread of
    We wait.
    Drum a blessing
    We go.
    Shake the rattle
    We rise.

  47. Where are those who want to save the whales. Where are those who want to save the wolf and many other living creatures that will be affected by this? Have they no sympathy?

  48. David W Roberts says:

    You people bitching about oil,where do you think it comes from? Its not manmade,its made naturally. If we didn’t have oil,the life you live now would be like living in the pre industrial age era. I do believe they should respect the tribes wishes,the government has absolutely no rights here in this case.

  49. Mark Dillon says:

    I read this as being 1 mile from reservation land. Its For The People By The People. Enemint domain Happens, so be it, including Native Americans, our future can be fruitful if we work together, were riding in cars. airplanes, boats trains,tracters,tanks,So whos right, who cares, as long as our gas prices stay low.

  50. Jillian says:

    There are such immoral people on this earth. The same people who are probably complaining about all sort of things in their lives, but not about the health of our planet, the well being of wild life. They don’t care about their fellow humans either, that is very clear and very sad. Who were their parents to be so neglectful of making their children aware humans, which would mean that their children are probably just like them. SAD.

  51. Carol north says:

    I wish you my fellow humans all the luck good hope and love.. you like us scots respect our mother earth.. its time to be as harsh with these money monkeys in saying no more NO they do not represent. Pigs. Big love and respect ?

  52. Johnny Draco says:

    “Judge Boasberg”??????
    Wake up!
    He/she works for the Corporation Monopoly.

  53. Redneck says:

    Were the Canadian tar sands previously the lush forests and meadows shown in the pictures — or arid barren wastes then as now? We must be careful to be accurate. Modern mining operations are also far kinder to the earth than older operations, restoring disturbed landscapes afterwards, and fracking hardly disturbs the surface at all, deliberately going deep.

    That said, we need someone we can trust better than the present staff of the US EPA to watch over it, which is rather selective about who it cracks down on for pollution.

  54. Betty Cheeseright says:

    Whether your are for the pipelines our against them, the folks screaming “money, money, money, obscene profits, greed!!!” against “Big Oil” are ridiculous. Unless you think profit of .07¢ per gallon is “obscene profit.” I personally don’t. Do some research. Learn the facts.

  55. Betty Cheeseright says:

    Sorry, didn’t proofread. Whether you are for the pipelines or against them….

  56. Petely says:

    This has been going on in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for some time. Tribal lands means nothing to big business .
    Google, Eagle Mine ,Save the wild U.P.

  57. Eric Esh says:

    What about the protest? Where is it? How many Native Americans are involved? How many people regardless of ethnicity are involved? Is it big compared to other protests on other matters, or only compared to other Native American matters?

    Your article tells me nothing about the titular subject matter.

  58. pauleen watts says:

    no do not let them take over n Dakota it will ruin the land hasn’t the government done enough to the American people and furthermore and they want to sell to asia and European countries like always our people will not benefit from the oil

  59. Mary Huff says:

    Stop it, just stop it…..Oklahoma had a record earthquake because of fracking. It is destroying our land. This pipeline needs to be stopped. We need to take care of our land, our countryside, our children’s legacy. The the true Americans alone they have been through enough. JUST STOP IT PLEASE JUST STOP!!!!

  60. David S. says:

    We know which way the government officials will rule in the long run. They have been bought and paid for a long time ago by big business. All the average people in this country have been sold out by this criminal government.
    A temporary halt? Really? In other words at some point and time they are going to shove it down your throat anyway.
    This is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. These politician’s are supposed to be our representatives. Do you feel like you are being represented?
    Wake up! Everyday we lose more of our rights and freedoms to a self appointed dictatorship. There comes a point when we have to say enough.
    Main stream media has sold us out too or they would be reporting on this. They have sold out to big money just like our so called politicians.
    This movement along with all the other movements against injustice in this country need to come together and support each other. United we stand, divided we fall. There is a saying, divide and conquer. They like to divide us and they are good at it.
    We are all brothers and sisters. Let’s unite and take this country back for the people as well as for the good of mother earth. Mother earth is crying and she has been hurt enough by these money loving criminals. Hang in there. We are growing stronger everyday.

  61. Linda Bodkin says:

    Maybe you should look at some of the photos after the reclaimation of the lands. As soon as everyone learns to live without the benefits of oil, i.e., almost everything you do and use everyday. You can take the country back, if you choose to produce your own food, light, heat, transportation, etc. just as they did hundreds of years ago. Until, then, maybe some practical sense should come into it. As a Canadian and an Albertan, I get so tired of uninformed people spouting so called facts that have nothing to do with reality.

  62. Joe H. says:

    Come on people… Educate yourself before you speak. Texas where I live (if it was a considered a country by itself) would be the 6th largest oil producing nation in the world. Termination at will state (no unions), if you are not doing your job then find another place to work. No income tax. Texas does not rely on Oil & has a diverse economic engine. Hey… All those auto manufacturing jobs up north… Let’s move them down south where there are no unions to complain & drive up costs of production.

    Back to my original topic. How many of the commenters above foresee driving a family vehicle for the next 30 years or using one of many common petroleum products listed below? Your body is touching or wearing petroleum products as you read my blog response right now.

    Yes I am a huge proponent of alternative energy and 100 windmills – 500 ft tall are being built near my home. Love it… But guess what… We are not energy independent yet.

    Let’s keep the oil production going, creating permanent jobs along the way & we don’t have to see the $100 / barrel crisis oil prices again when America is the leader. Let’s hope the economics stabilize barrel cost from the current $45 to about $55 / barrel. That would be a winning solution for all and not have to worry about paying $5 / gallon of gas at the pumps. 10 years from now America will be the new OPEC.

    In the mean time I hope everyone reading these articles realizes the short non-comprehensive list of refined oil products below that touch your life in many ways.

    Shoe Polish
    Roof shingles
    Novelty Candy
    Bug Killer
    Paper cups
    Wax paper

  63. Elite Ambassador says:

    Production on the pipeline will cease in the area just North of Standing Rock indefinitely (10 weeks). Production continues along the rest of its planned route. Protests are written into the plan. The delay in production is a short-term act of appeasement to media consumers. The pipeline will be completed on schedule, regardless of the feelings of the many. There is no preventing the movement of wealth and power among the few. Even vandalism to their efforts empowers the Few by virtue of insurance.

    The big train keeps on rolling. The American citizen has been programmed into apathy and compliance. The word spreads about the issue at hand, yet no saviour will bargain with the real decision-makers. No one can. The evil corporate overlords are programmed with neither empathy nor compassion. They follow an age-old belief that this is a dog-eat-dog world, and by the powers vested in themselves, they will gather onto their plates every possible morsel of life, time and energy there is, until there is none left to take and no one to share it with.

    There is an ancient view of politics that we see here in refinement. The “right” to rule. To sum it up, the right is determined by the ruler’s unassailable position. The wealthiest hire millions of people to protect their interests and identities, and to perpetuate a mindset addressed by this my defeatist message. Thus, they are unknown, can’t be overthrown.

    Laying waste to the Earth is merely a byproduct of activity in the interest of animal hunger. Humans happen to be the best at being hungry. The many will have to overcome unforeseen and colossal obstacles of philosophy and cooperation in order to have a chance to shift the balance of power out of the wrong hands. Until then, don’t be surprised when protests go unrealized.

  64. Beverly Bailey says:

    When will it end? When the natives are all gone and the earth is a pit??

  65. David S. says:

    If we do not start making changes now, THEN WHEN? After all the land has been exploited to the fullest extent and all the money that can be made from it is made?
    If we do not start working WITH NATURE AND THE EARTH, and soon, there will be NO LIFE AT ALL. Yes we will have to make some adjustments and there will probably be some inconvenience, but wake up and really look at the world. It is being destroyed before our very eyes, mostly for money for big business and the already super rich.
    We need to look at the big picture and past the present moment. A lot of the stuff that we have for this so called convenient life, we don’t need, and ends up in landfills or simply throw out somewhere as trash.
    Changes can be successfully made, but they won’t be made if we do not make the change. Big business has shown that it won’t make a change as long as they can keep making a dollar, even if it means destroying all life and the earth. (If you think that is an over statement, then you are not really paying attention.)
    There are many environmentally friendly ways to meet our needs for energy and that is what needs to be pursued.
    The native American’s are making a stand for a good thing. Also (as a people) they have shown that you can live without big oil and be happy. (If left alone)
    There are some that still will not see no matter what. They do not want to be inconvenienced.
    Again, if we keep doing what we have been doing, and do not make a change the earth will not be able to support life much longer. Example: look at the animal life and how fast they are dying.

  66. Roxanne says:

    Seriously, we have miles and miles of underground pipelines now for oil and natural gas. I’d much rather transport via underground pipelines vs carrying it on oil tankers that derail quite often and have a huge explosion and fire in the middle of my city. Get over it.

  67. Catherine Lord says:

    Is there a petition to sign?

  68. Teri says:

    The US government needs to keep off land that’s not theirs!! I’m tired of the government thinking they can just do whatever they want. We as a people need to do more than what’s being done….

  69. GaryShapiro says:

    This is absurd:

    1. The picture does not match the story. Very few actual protestors according to the story.
    2. The pipeline is much better for the environment than the hundreds of trucks carrying oil it will replace.

  70. wst says:

    Standing with them and sending supportive thoughts!

  71. Chris Shaffer says:

    Baaaa! It is amazing to see so many sheep gathered in one place in today’s world. Good to see people wish to be ignorant and fly off the handle without educating themselves. This is a crock of crap cooked up to be be bait for you to click on and get riled up. The protest is stupid, the concerns have no basis in reality and people are obviously ignorant about the importance and usage of oil.

  72. David S. says:

    Some of you people are missing the point. We need to stop pursuing oil as our main source of energy. The negatives are unreal. As long as big business is involved in creating pipe lines and other ways that keep tying us to big oil we will never get off of it. Now is the time to start backing away from big oil and pursue alternative energy that is cleaner and safer for us and out planet.
    If you think that the government and big business really cares about you and the earth, look up Weather Modification (HAARP), Geoengineering, Agenda 21, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, and New World Order. That ought to get you started.
    Wake up! Let’s save our world and ourselves while we can.

  73. Aunty says:

    Are you prepared to stop driving your gas using cars now, stop using your dryer or stove, or just buy your oil from terrorist countries? Are the risks worth it?

  74. Claudia says:

    Native American people have rights and they should be honored, hope this ridiculous government proposal is denied. Let’s protect and fight for our mother land and our children’s future.

  75. Claudia Anabel says:

    Native American people have rights and they should be honored, hope this ridiculous government proposal is denied. Let’s protect and fight for our mother land and our children’s future.

  76. I Jarrette says:

    The problem here is the same that exist throughout this country. There is a mental illness that exist in the minds of those who are in power the propagate a mentality throughout this country. It is xenophobic and greed based where respect for the fellow man, especially of color, is absent. This pipeline is an attack on all people. Anytime there is injustice being practiced against any group of people, those who know better, need to stand or sit together. At the end of the day, they don’t care about any of us. We have to respect our differences, recognized our historical legacies and cultures, but we must move as one!

  77. Jim Thomson says:

    Pipelines could be built to transport WATER from flooded areas like Louisana to drought areas.

  78. carole says:

    to anyone pointing out that our vehicles need oil and gas to run, take note the pipelines are not required for domestic sales, the pipelines are to transport the product to ports for shipment to foreign markets.
    There are alternatives to fossil fuels, but the industry won’t move on – it’s about $$. They have no incentive to move on as they are HEAVILY subsidized by the federal governments (in Canada and the U.S.) also heavy big $$$$ fines to the industry when there is a spill. But better yet cap the existing pipelines and
    stop the foreign sales.
    also if the Federal subsidies to fossil fuel industries stopped, and some that $ were to be invested in clean and renewable energy resourcing, perhaps we will see the change that we need.
    There is no benefit to the people of US and Canada to continue. An economy which is based on a nonrenewable resource which is HARMFUL to it’s citizens is a FALSE economy, just like the banking industry, and the war industry. So BREAK up the damned mega banks and stop warring.
    We could use the military for positive actions, like cleaning up environmental accidents, oil spills and rebuilding after floods and fires whatever. There’s plenty of work to do.

  79. Loma Cleave says:

    AS an indigenous person from New Zealand, my family stand beside you, wish we could be with you, say No until further consultation is done, you have suffered enough indignities

  80. Lara says:

    This makes me so sad to not be apart of the protest. As a Native,I am grateful for my ways and to see people trying to save their land from this pipeline, means a lot. To fight for what is already ours from the government….They should be ashamed of themselves!!! I love my beliefs and I have faith that this pipeline will be stopped.

  81. Rachael Soules says:

    UNACCEPTABLE. What can we do to help?

  82. Werner Vols says:

    I live in Belgium, I find it a shame that they would even consider laying this pipeline true there land!!.The white man killed the people and raped the land and his soil.The native Americans live from the land and respect the land like the did for hundreds of years. The almighty $ is what big oil and gas companies pay to government officials. There are cars that drive on the lowest gas consumption. But no car maker would admit that otherwise there economy and that of the oil and gas business would fall on there knees… STOP this CRAZINESS

  83. Adam says:

    We all know how the judge is going tu rule. Its a farce. The judge is a rich white man, living in a villa with a large and beautiful garden. He won’t even think for a seccond that this pipline causes damage to the people and the state who eventually has to support them in some way.

  84. Pete Ford says:

    I am halfway through reading “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee” which I picked up almost by accident. It is heartbreaking that 150 years later, the white man is still stealing and destroying land that was cherished, cared for respected by its Native American keepers.

  85. Johnny Draco says:

    JOE H
    ” Educate yourself before you speak”
    You need to take your own advice.

  86. Tori says:

    For those who think the risk is not real, one thing not reported in this article is that one proposed route had the pipeline crossing the Missouri north (upriver) of Bismarck, ND but that route was rejected as being too risky to the Bismarck water supply. I guess it’s a “risk” if it might contaminate drinking water for white people but not a “risk” if it might contaminate drinking water for native people.

  87. James M Hamilton says:

    Through which specific “sovereign Native lands” will this pass?

  88. Karen says:

    This is a terrible situation and I just dont know what we here in the UK can do but add our support via on line petitions … any chance of one being started?

  89. Janet says:

    Typical the U.S.goverment is breaking ANOTHER treaty with Indians, yes will still call ourselves that, Native American is a name thought up by the white man to distinguish us from people in India, and the US government wonders why the people don’t trust them, this is a perfect example why

  90. Darla says:

    This is a song written and performed by Beyoh Welloh check it out on SoundCloud make it go viral please.
    The Truth – Beyoh Welloh.

    (Verse 1)
    They’re still breaking promises and they stealing from the people
    All these networks not showing true face of all this evil
    Man it’s messed up but all we gotta do is pray
    Keep our heads up first ones here & we will stay
    Keep the pride nation wide this the day that we gon’ rise
    It’s been time after time & they still don’t get it right
    All I see in this world is that people won’t protect it
    Government still trying to poison all the people & reservations
    Police still being corrupted tell us who do you protect
    Selling out because of oil and a nice lookin’ check
    But we’d rather have water for our sons & for our daughters
    Fight for all our rights it’s what the fathers would’ve wanted
    Stayin rezz’d out while the drums keep thumpin
    Know our where abouts we planted all over the country
    Tell me what do you envision Natives always on a mission
    Spreading peace & all the wisdom it’s what all their people’s missin’

    (Chorus) 2X
    I just speak the truth,
    It might be nothing to you,
    But all my natives know it’s true,
    So I’ll just speak the truth yeah, I’ll just speak the truth

    (Verse 2)
    Black out in the media they don’t wanna see their crimes
    Put some mercenaries on us & won’t call it genocide
    Big company’s got the politics in pockets
    Legal documents denying everything they’re talkin
    Landowners get evicted just for being on the route
    Crossing reservations but won’t cross a white town
    Fight for mother earth man it’s sad we even gotta fight
    Against the us government, the one that invented genocide
    Tribes all gather and they’re only speaking peace
    But police are protecting all the hearts full of greed
    Protectors only speak and pray for a day of victory
    Government respect the treaty? Go check our history
    America was never great since columbus and the slaves
    To this very day where they’re building over graves
    Time for a change and it’s time for our chance
    But one thing we learned was “don’t trust your government”

    (Chorus) 2X
    I just speak the truth,
    It might be nothing to you,
    But all my natives know it’s true,
    So I’ll just speak the truth yeah, I’ll just speak the truth

  91. Rose Winfield says:

    should not be allowed to damage the land like this, The place is Beautiful only a mad person would want to destroy it. Put em right and dont let them ruin such a nice place. Good Luck wish you all the power to stop this tragedy, You are doing a wonderful thing protecting the planet for everyone. X

  92. Daniel Reiß says:

    hello from germany! sry that i am disturbing this pow-wow but i’d like to get the email-adress or phone number from this cutie on the right. perhaps she’s reading that:)

  93. Brenda says:

    I hope this pipeline never gets dug. We are already struggling to have and keep the resources we have now and are ignorant to not think we as a planet and living beings are not in trouble now. Why add to the proverbial pot? Money? Why is there a price for everything? Some things should never be sold! Our future is not on the docket. Those trying to add to the pot should have to lick the spoon. Seriously together we need to stand together for right and wrong again and except nothing else. I say NO! To this pipeine and any others to drill anywhere new “they” want to add. Enough is enough before it’s gone.

  94. Karl says:

    Well, the federal government knows best. Once the pipeline is in place, the Indians can be arrested as occupiers.

  95. Peter Wenthe says:

    I like the article’s point on nostalgia it it’s on very, many points, we wrap our minds around past gone days and with it take all the unproductive stuff with it.

  96. Linda Garens says:

    We all sit and talk and hate this stuff. I can’t tell you how angry I am about this. Can we get names and phone numbers, emails, etc. to get ahold of people in charge on various levels and let them know how the American people feel and how WE ALL do NOT support this stuff!! Can a list of those things go around. I would go out there if I could afford to, but I can’t. Many who can really should. Numbers are important in things like this. I feel so helpless all the time on so much in this country anymore. We need to start acting, no talking on social media. Can media help with names, numbers, emails, etc.??

  97. Meg Turner says:

    We need to STOP THIS BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY!!This is,about respect and moving to a lower carbon footprint. Our children’s children don’t need anymore desecration of the Mother.

  98. Chris Wolfe says:

    I completely support the First Nations! The insanity must stop now! There will be nothing left for future generations. The wildlife will be destroyed. The EARTH fer gawds sake.. there will be nothing left of HER!

  99. Sherry says:

    How can I help? I’m not yet, but very well could be part of a tribe if it meant making a difference.

  100. RAFAEL says:


  101. Maryellen Lambert says:

    The track record of American government-backed industries is clear. In every case it has been, take Native lands, destroy them in some way or other, leave the waste and destruction where it is and move on. Why should this project be any different? It needs to be shut down now. We need clean water. And we’ve already got an abundance of alternative energy sources that are cleaner than oil, uranium, etc. Stop the madness!

  102. rebecca crapp says:

    leave the land the way it is find a new place to put a pipeline. they have wright to keep the land where they grow up to stay clear.

  103. margit says:

    The Council of the 13 grandmothers advice is wisdom…. send prayers love and light to both sides.. the right and wrong side aso as you not feed energy to the negativity.. pray to Creator for Mother Earth …be aware that there is no room for anger or hatred.. exercise restraint in thought and action and come from a position of love only so as to help spiritually to lift the vibration to a higher frequency .go to their site to read the wise counsel of the grandmothers.

  104. Hindrek says:

    Go for Avaaz to get more attention to this Protect

  105. Kerry says:

    America is its own cancer. How sad that it would turn its back on the people who discovered it and founded it in favour of a cash return. How sad that it would destroy its own land for paper money. How sad that it would squash out the small(ish) group of people left whose way of life incorporates care and environmentalism, who are already so impoverished etc. If I could. I would be on a plane over there tonight. Have signed the petition with some hope but utterly devastated. A victory for these protestors will be a victory for the world but they need our help.

  106. Betty Deleon says:

    This needs to stop now. No more pipelines through our watersheds, rivers and prairies where our Native brothers and sisters live and depend on that land for their water and survival. We need clean energy sooner rather than later. I grew up along the Niobrara River and I would be extremely upset if someone tried to put a pipeline for oil though there. STOP THE PIPELINE!

  107. Dr. Kenneth Tennant says:

    The U.S. judiciary is either a Comedy of Errors or a Tragedy, with FRAUDS Acting under color of law. “Judges” have no moral compass. They violate their oaths of office, the Constitution, deprive We The People of rights, Deny Due Process of Law and Pervert Process. In STATE v Greg Tennant ( Scott CO. Dist Ct judges took turns raping this young man, ignoring Stare Decisis, Case Law, Common Law. Gov. Terry Branstad is as indifferent as the rest of Iowa’s high fructose corn syrup suckling stuck-on-stupid children of the corn. “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under color of law, and with the colors of justice.”- U.S. v JANNOTTI, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3rd Cir. 1982). In STATE (IOWA) v Benton Mackenzie, ALJ Henry Latham III threatened Benton with jail & Contempt if he told the jury the truth! (R.I.P.) Google: Benton Mackenzie (RIP). Paul Babiak, Phd & Robt. Hare, PhD describe the personalities of these creatures of the State, in their book: SNAKES IN SUITES – When Psychopaths Go To Work. “”They don’t care about people…Their behavior is aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral without empathy or remorse…their hallmark is a stunning lack of conscience.” A Special Prosecutor is REQUIRED & REQUESTED to INVESTIGATE IOWA’s CORRUPT JUDICIARY. Iowa Code 331.754(1) confers authority to appoint to the Scott County Board of Supervisors (Their Conflict of Interest is a “Disability.”) But Scott Co. atty Mike Walton tells the Board they have no authority! Iowa AG Tom Miller is less than honest. No oversight. – Dr. Kenneth Tennant, [email protected] (563) 271-3975

  108. Earl laugher says:

    The only thing Europeans (foreign or domestic) understand is violence, the Mohawk’s of Quebec have proved this, they stopped a golf course development on a gravesite because of white bloodshed, it’s time to play the kill the motherfuckers game!!!

  109. franky cruz says:

    i love you all stay strong stand strong.

  110. Sarah says:

    This is sad! Why do they want to continue to kill our land and destroy what beauty we have left!? Everything is falling apart praying for God to touch this land

  111. Paul Charette says:

    The real issue here that must be settled is sovereignty of Native land. After killing most Native people, the US government signed treaties with the few remaining people to “allow” them to remain on their own land. The US courts have no business ruling on the pipeline. They need to do one thing: acknowledge the signed treaties and let the Native people have absolute jurisdiction over their land. The pipeline will not be stopped. Too late for that. But the builders need to suck up the cost and divert the path completely off Native land. Period. Please don’t think I support the pipeline or any aspect of damaging oil extraction. I certainly don’t. But in the long run establishing ABSOLUTE Natve rights will give power back to the people who have ever right to it and they will use this power to protect themselves and the Earth.

  112. David G. Siafakas says:

    Bottom line : It’s Native Land THE END.

  113. D. Moore says:

    Did we forget about the BP disaster in the Gulf? There is an inherent danger in any of these processes. Do we really want to assume this level of risk to our drinking water supply? We are supposed to learn from the past and yet we seem doomed to repeat it.

  114. dont shoot says:

    The oil, the gold, the diamonds & many other minerals BELONG in the ground so nature gets better every year, tell that to a wall of power dominating & they think you’re an idiot for trying to keep it simple

  115. Wind says:

    why do you have an engineering pipeline advertisement first thing i see coming to this page…really!

  116. Leah M. says:

    For a way forward, this earth needs leaders to guide us into a more sustainable future. The injustice that is imposed on these peaceful Native Americans has been happening for centuries.

    From Trinidad and Tobago, we offer our prayers that this project is rejected.

    Leah M.

  117. Kate says:

    you have to go back to your roots. make everything by yourself, like Food (also planting), shampoo, and all the rest. do it with some friends. don’t support the System which will destroy everything. go back to your true heart and your Spirit, we don’t Need a System to live in love with everything.

  118. Scott says:

    I don’t care if the Land is Sacred.

    The Land belongs to the Sioux and if they say “No Pipeline”, it REALLY MEANS “NO!”.

  119. Indians don’t own any land. Neither does anyone else. God owns everything. No one has the right to claim anything on this earth. Fomenting anger and hate is not the Creators way. But it ISSSS Satan’s way.Everyone came from Adam and Eve, got bored, went a-walking, camped, squatted, and then stayed. Simple. We are all ONE race, the human race. We are ALL brothers and sisters from our very own grandparents Adam and Eve. Even DNA proves that fact. Geeeeet oveeeeer iiiiit !!!!!!! Who do we choose to worship ?… Jehovah God ?…. or the ruler of this world, Satan ? Tis all YOUR very own personal choice humans…

  120. Hip hip hop otamus says:

    Lmao, I love the before and after fake pictures. Also love the people that fall for this bullshit.

  121. Willie says:

    Kia Kaha my Native Brothers and Sisters. Stay strong.

  122. Gary Carter says:

    Once again my native American brothers and sisters pay the price . Things like Wounded Knee, Trail of Tears, Geronimo s move to Florida
    The Black Hawk Wars, the removal of the Commanche from their lands in Texas , and the story goes on and on. SHAMEFUL!!!!!!!!

  123. Curtis Elmore says:

    This fight should be about private property rights. If the people own the land, then there should be no way for any government to allow any oil company to build on it. Eminent domain is a shame.

  124. Col Abner says:

    Always stand with Native Americans. This is a protest I can support. Trying to save our world and not burn it down.

  125. Devi says:

    It’s not only about the Indians… but they seem to be the only ones who have the voice to stand up to this craziness. Our “government” continues to destroy the natural resources we have left on this planet. Take for example the government’s support of pharmaceutical industry – vaccines, prescription drugs etc. It’s destroying people’s lives! Or the pesticides they continue to pass as OK, when it’s killing the bees and other important elements in nature… or the government in “partnership” with Monsanto – the evil giant that is destroying our food supply and food chain. This is another example of how they continue to destroy nature in pursuit of their giant corporate greed. If we would put the money and energy into developing the new technologies that would help save our environment and world.

  126. anzac te rupe says:

    be brave my brothers tangatawhenua are on there way,so said the almighty one,these big corporations are going to suffer the ills of there ways we need to save our planet from them & stop the destruction of the 4 elements that sustains life then we need to repair our environment in particular the micro biology save our planet then our children will have there future secured through open politic’s not big brother

  127. Chip says:

    The Indians need to A) be part of writing the laws, which means they need to be more politically active in a pragmatic way B) engage in the process–whether the Indians believe it’s legitimate or not, the Environmental Impact process is part of federal law and they could have made their objections known then and perhaps even effectuated some change, C) be politically engaged, always. Be proactive in DC, especially when there’s a sympathetic administration. Send your best and brightest to be your voice, to work in the BIA, to engage in government, to change things from the inside. D) Get the celebrities to support your causes when they can actually do some good–before things are decided. Ask them for financial support and lawyer up. E) Step out of the shadows and make yourselves a central part of the American psyche–create curriculum for history, arts, culture, religion that can be studied in public schools. Native Americans have a lot of sympathizers of every political bent, engage with them.

  128. pat kuczek says:

    Stop the raping of our beautiful Native American lands. It disgusts me that the government would even consider allowing this. This benefits no one except big oil, which will leave behind a polluted, scarred land and dead wildlife. If we are truly the Home of the Free, then our Native Americans friends deserve to live happily and quietly on their ancestral lands.

  129. Marland says:

    Time to end the “madness”! WE (HUMANS) are suppose to be the custodians of this planet. Wind, water, fire, earth are the only true recyclable energy sources needed to survive in harmonry with Nature (Gods), Ancestors, and “physical” spirits…The days are numbered for these wealthy, GREEDY, OIL COMPANIES/ FAMILIES ARE NUMBERED, and they KNOW this! The need for this pipeline does not exist! “THEY” NEED TO INVEST IN ALTERNATIVE “NATURE” TECHNOLOGY…the technology “they” continue to ignore because “they” have no clue how to truly live.Sending positive energy and light to the “protectors” of our Great Mother…Ase’

  130. joe says:

    Free energy patents have been lodged in DC since the 1800’s and later. No one dares use them as they’re tracked and hounded for life by the banksters who reap the benefits of oil and other unfree energy. Anyone who actually develops a product from any of these patents is warned then killed if they don’t stop. To free planet earth from poverty, wars, taxes and oppression we must outlaw central banking, usury, and zionism.

  131. Falcon101 says:

    The need for these fossil fuels has been obsolete for more than 50 years! The money makers are only trying to draw as much money out of the people of the planet as possible before the economy tanks. There is green technology that can be distributed for free that would nullify the need for this ancient technology but the people need to demand this technology be brought into the light before they destroy our mother Earth.

  132. Gloria says:

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. T

  133. NobodysaysBOO says:

    Get out there !

    Make them pay a price for the dog attacks and these COWARDS WILL RUN AWAY!

    These are NOBODY rent a cops with hand guns and dogs , if they attack YOU, YOU CAN LEGALLY KILL THEM!

  134. Darwin says:

    I 100% AGREE this should NOT be allowed to happen. Not ONLY because of land destruction – although that is a very big concern – but ALSO because it continues to make us dependent on oil! Several countries are pioneers in renewable energy. Iceland gets 85% of the country’s electricity from earth’s heat. The country’s electricity supply is 100% renewable and depends on geothermal and hydropower. Norway is around 98% renewable and uses hydroelectric, geothermal and wind, to achieve its goal. And WHY!? Mostly because they do not HAVE the massive oil fields, non to be harvested there. And there are many many other countries going this route. So stop this nonsense of oil field proliferation and start thinking renewable!!!

  135. David long says:

    I thought things were getting better from the time when my grandfather was forced to cut his hair and speak english and pray to the Christian god. And yet here we are getting stepped on again. We are still here! Fighting for what we have been Fighting for from the beginning. Stand tall lakota and I hope all the true human being nations can stand together to stop this

  136. Rema says:

    Stand strong. For all of us on what is left of this planet. What can I do to help?

  137. Steve says:

    I was wanting to support and share this article until I saw the pictures of oil sands/before and after. Do some research people.
    This site is favoring oil sands, somewhere in the middle is possibly more accurate.

  138. mroberts says:

    It is absolutely ridiculous that the government can continue to do what they want and when they want. This whole idea of a pipeline coming through the Dakotas has been an ongoing issue for years now. Maybe I’m a little ignorant on some things, but weren’t there treaties preventing this type of thing? Weren’t there lawsuits against the government because of this? There was a problem with this from the beginning, long before construction even started and yet the freaking government still proceeded thinking that by the time construction reached the Dakotas, they would be able to do whatever they wanted to and ignore what is morally right. I thought this was a free country? Apparently only the government has freedom!!! Freedom to walk all over everyone else.

  139. Geronimo says:

    Everyone except the native indians, leave America.
    Potus to kenya, british descendants to uk, french descendants to france, german descendants to germany, italian descendants to italy, etc, etc.

  140. Sweetsilver says:

    This must not be allowed to happen!! The Native American tribes have suffered enough at the hands of our government. This land is theirs and their decision should stand and be final.

  141. Dan Rykard says:

    The American Government has done enough damage to the many Indian Tribes, it is way past time to leave them alone.

  142. For My Liberty says:

    FUNNY Fact the Author neglects to tell the readers…In 1982 a pipeline was put in the same area, and no one protested…As a matter of fact, the NEW pipeline is supposed to run right NEXT to the old gas line.

    Now, Although I sympathize with the Indians, it’s a little late to protest something that was already done years ago.

  143. For My Liberty says:

    Hey Geronimo…WHERE do you think the Indians came from??? Tip….EUROPE …when are you packing your bags Idiot?

  144. Anne says:

    No more pipelines!

  145. Jeff says:

    Build the pipeline! The papers will be found in order.

  146. David Dieni says:

    “The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said “This is mine,” and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars, and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows: Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.”

    ― Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality 1765….how little we learn

    Their courts, their laws, their power. Stop protesting, stop trying to get them to act as decent human beings, they are not. The judges are appointed by the corporations. This is about more than one pipe line. You cannot fight every individual injustice, you must remove the source of the injustice, or our species and many others will perish.

    We are on the brink of nuclear war, and it is over dwindling fossil fuels deposits, that is why they are extracting oil from tar sands and deep sea drilling. I totally support the Indigenous Americans,their way of life was sustainable,caring,humane and inclusive….This does not mean you cannot develop and use innovation and technology, but that it is used wisely to benefit life, not to turn everything into a disposable commodity. We use our technology to kill one another in the hundreds of millions, how is this a sane and rational society? Capitalist, imperialist, consumer societies are barbaric and not sustainable. They reward the ruthless and the unconscionable, who deliberately breed hatred and divisions, ignorance and stupidity and destroy the very planet that supports all life.

    We are one human race, the human race. We have one home, planet earth, and we are all responsible for what happens, and we are failing each other miserably

  147. Michael Darren says:

    What can I say? Sad enough to have to say that I knew it would only be a question of time before the US government once again breaks all promises to the Native Americans of this land. Only this time it took some 150 years to find the balls to come forward and brazenly move on their sick and criminal plans.

  148. John O Shaughnessy says:

    it should be called the USOG instead of the USA ….. the United States of Oil & Gas
    but they don”t only do that stuff in their own country but around the world as well

  149. Josef says:

    Shame on you US, don’t preach democracy to others when you act like this, what a sad example you set to the world.

  150. Sandy says:

    And who is this going to benefit? The American people? Doesn’t sound like it. Wish I loved close enough to “protect”with you.

  151. Dan C says:

    I am going to Cannon Ball, ND in mid-October to join the fight! Native Americans are getting shafted and the ND government is corrupt and bought off. It’s time to end fossil fuel production and go green! Start by cutting ALL oil company subsidies and special tax breaks. Big oil is trying to steal Government away from the people. Her they don’t want to pay for it, but they want to run it. Get rid of all Congress people that care about people, not corporations. Corporations are very close to taking over America.

  152. Trina says:

    No matter what promises they make to ensure its safe when everyone knows the answer is it’s not safe it will poison the lands, farms, food,and above all, water.. all they care about is money profits not lives or children of the future.. if they build then a spill or a leak happens then what? Oops?? And get away with it? Money in their banks is what they stick with… time to go green and take over the governments cuz they are destroying not helping preserve the lands the planet which is causing numerous of global warming going on . We must fight to preserve for the future not destroy.. you shall not govern others!! It’s mother earth and for us to live thrive live in harmony.. for us!! Not profits !!

  153. Jimmy says:

    I can solve the problem, ship the oil to Oregon, just a short ways away with a port to ship all over the world. everyone will be happy.

  154. Thomas says:

    Native American people today have the same rights as all Americans. The pipeline has been in the works for years. Following proper legal channels they would have had the same chance of stopping it as any other American. The ethnicity of the protesters is completely irrelevant. The government and big corporations are completely unaffected by their ethnicity. The route of the pipeline was not determined to “victimize” any particular ethnic group. As with anything it is about the dollar. Just get over the whole idea of targeting the poor Native American people again. The land is not their land. The Natives were battling each other over territory long before the white man came. Need to get over the whole romanticized image of Native Americans as wise, peaceful guardians of the land. Most of them relate more to the hip hop culture than their ancestors culture

  155. Myra says:

    What they fear would happen is occurring right now in my state of AL. The updated numbers are more than 300,000 gallons leaked, and it could be more because it is unsafe for anyone to go into the area. News reports are conflicting, they can’t go on due to safety reasons vs. they are going in this weekend to repair it. As always, lies on top of lies. Here is the link my Stand Rock friends, use it to your advantage –

  156. Cathy Hostetter says:

    Prayers are with you that all goes in your favor

  157. May God bless and keep these beautiful people who have lost so much. The way the world is, and the greed that is prominent grieves me in my soul. This world needs someone to fight on behalf of those who err on the side of right!! God have mercy on our souls. 🙁

  158. Sabba AbuShy says:

    Sorry to gore the obvious golden calf a bit but the oil in Canada, while coming in from the same pipeline and being on the surface or the ground is not the same as the North Dakota field. That one comes from under the ground like almost all producing oil fields do. Your tree hugging, “worshipping the creation instead of the Creator” form of apostate Pantheism is the problem here. That and a worship of paganism that so crippled the Native people groups so as to weaken them to the point of totally being able to defend and preserve themselves from the onslaught of the rapacious…why were they so child like and backward? Was it not a descent into the darkness of disobedience and rebellion from the revelation of God?

  159. Ralph Schumann says:

    See, now I hope you in the West realise why the US decided to destabilise the Ukraine and to discredit Russia.. Part of the master plan was to see oil to Europe because we shouldn’t buy it from the “evil russian”at the same time your oil companies have been trying to sell us fracked oil too.. But we saw through it and even said at the beginning that was the reason.. Your oil companies even proposed a new pipeline from Turkey to go around the black sea.. All to protect us.. Yeah right..
    ” Thankfully” the Saudis(not a lesser evil) decided to Ramp up the production to put some financial pressure on y’all.. And I hope they keep it up.

  160. Terry says:

    Leave are native brother and sisters alone. mine your own business

  161. Stephan Mahoney says:

    Stop this crap NOW !!! Do not wait for our federal government to have a hearing or debate about this. Unite and defend !!! God bless all

  162. Anne says:

    I’m not a lawyer or politician but I don’t think the original treaties with the Native Americans said they could have control of the sovereign nations until the oil companies decide to put a pipe line through their land. If the treaty is broken by either side doesn’t that make it defunct? Doesn’t that mean that we are all then living on Native American land? There were tribes all over the continent before the Europeans came. Just a thought. That would make the rest of us European Americans and we will have to learn to live off the land, without destroying it.

  163. Allen says:

    I’m hoping this oil line construction does not get approved to run through Sovereign lands of native Americans.

    Why even approve and start a project of this damaging magnitude knowing that they(oil co.) WILL meet opposition? Why?

    Because the oil company will pay off judges governors US Senators US Presidents and who ever else off to make this oil transfer project happen.

    I hope that Goliath will fall to David.

  164. Angela Lutz says:

    What is wrong with our government. Haven’t they already taken too much from the natives….who were here first?

  165. Jeanette says:

    They choose to destroy our own land to provide oil for foreign countries. The whole idea is ridiculous! The proposed pipeline will cross miles of precious farmland and two major rivers. The risk of contamination is real and yet they choose to do this anyway. All for money. It’s not worth it! And the truth is there is enough oil. The government only cares about money and power and oil is the means to get both of those things that they covet so much. They lie and cheat the American people time and time again. Find your own truths and don’t listen to any of the lies the American Government tells you!

  166. Kim Curtis says:

    The Oil Industry’s track record is anything but, stellar! They have spills, leaks or breaks, somewhere in the world at least once a week!
    The Ogalla Aquifer is the largest aquifer in North America and this pipeline, buried 90 feet under the Missouri River is supposedly, safe! Bullshit! There is NO SAFE PIPELINE! If Man makes it, it has the probability of breaking!
    A leak, spill or break of this pipeline, anywhere near the Ogalla Aquifer WILL, FOREVER, poison it for further usefulness for drinking water, crop or animal use or any human consumption, for the rest of eternity! There isn’t any doubt about that!
    Should it leak, spill or break, causing ANY oil to get into the Missouri, all of those downstream, will be effected! Not only people, but all plant and animal life downstream will be effected! How can anyone in the industry, the government or anyone else find THAT to be acceptable?
    Indians have for the most part been annihilated, or in other words ignored as vermin, for over two centuries and they have had genocide practiced against them for that same length of time!
    This pipeline goes through Indian lands or land that is very close to Indian lands, where there are irreplaceable ceremonial grounds, burial grounds and other Sacred Sites that already have been destroyed! The day after information, detailing the location of these sites was provided to the court, the Dakota Access people, annoyed at having to halt construction, destroyed two burials that they had not known of until the day before! THAT is the kind of people who are running this project! If any White cemetery in America was bull dozed, there would be a hue and cry all the way to the White House! Not so, in Indian country! Indians, even today, seem not to matter to a lot of people and certainly, our own government doesn’t seem to care about them, there Sacred Sites, burial grounds or anything that, in any way concerns Indians!
    There were NO ARRESTS, nor were there any arrests, detainments or even an investigation at the sites or even after, regarding the use of private security services, who use trained attack dogs on the peaceful protesters and also they were maced, with pepper spray and when a Nationally known journalist asked the supervisor, who had just sprayed a protester, on camera, what they were spraying on the protesters, he replied, “We didn’t spray anything on anyone!” It is also interesting that that journalist was later charged with trespassing, by the State of North Dakota! Charged, criminally, for doing her job as a journalist; reporting THE TRUTH!! Again, this is the kind of people who are running this project!
    The local, County Sheriff hasn’t prosecuted any of the security personnel because he can’t find out who they are, yet their faces, names, addresses and license plates are plastered all over Social Media sites! “HE COULDN’T FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE!”
    It is obvious that someone is paying these people off to keep this project from being permanently shut down! No arrests, NOTHING being done to those who commit crimes!
    It would be obvious, to anyone with a brain, that this pipeline route is BAD BUSINESS! Move the damned line to somewhere that won’t pollute drinking water and won’t cause irreparable damage to Sacred Sites and burial grounds!
    THAT is not too hard to figure out! Why isn’t the courts, the US Army Corps of Engineers and, or the government doing what’s right?
    This project and all projects like it should be permanently shut down! Damn the loss of their money! People, animals and plant life matter more than money and I’m proud to stand with the Water Protectors od Standing Rock!

  167. mark says:

    Im 100% on ur supp guys. God and luck be with u. Go green. <3

  168. abbey says:

    i read all comments and only one person was for this. interesting that in trying to reassure us that this is ok for everyone and the environment they insult pretty much every on else who to cat sep 13 2016 your attitude is the problem with so many people in society today. you must understand time and time again the government has lied or tricked the public, so you cant blame us for not trusting them at all!! and on the topic of the big elephant its the money, its actually worthless it just sits around making more money it does nothing to help but turn humans into greedy selfish destructive beasts

  169. Ac says:

    I’m all about preserving the environment but this idea that Indians were here first so the land is theirs is bothersome. No man owns the earth all that includes all man.

  170. Kathy Raven says:

    I am from South Africa and we have the same fight with Shell re fracking in the Karoo, well done for standing up!
    Btw please tell me the sense of the advertisement on this page being for trading online in Oil?!?!

  171. Jane says:

    The tribe has been protesting since April. What did it take to get the story “popularized,” only since the Fall, in this age of instant communication.

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